We have 3 short weeks in a row this year yet most businesses will still need to produce the same quantity as per their standard week to meet customer demands, distribution requirements and quotas.
It is easy to arrange staff to work longer each day but that costs money. It is easy to ramp up machines for faster output but that risks quality standards. It is easy to say we can deliver but everyone is in the same situation so distribution channels may already be stretched – so how do we manage it?  …  Plan, Plan, Plan!!!
These short weeks did not suddenly appear – the dates were clear well in advance. The proactive business owner would have adjusted the work output well in advance to make up for the short weeks to come. This prior planning would have created a buffer at the same time as streamlining the production chain which if the business owner is really connected to their business will become the new production benchmark continuing after the short weeks resulting in an increase of productivity overall – win:win.
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